Happy Flip Fam Friday! On Fridays, we profile members of our community who artfully build the spirit of serendipity into their daily lives.

This week, we’ll meet Meghan Asha, the visionary behind FounderMade: a platform that makes it possible for breakthrough new brands in the beauty, wellness and food space to grow and get connected to big retailers.

Her passion for adventure — both her own and others — has helped others build businesses that change people's lives.

Get to know her — and check out the next generation of consumer brand unicorns at the FounderMade Discovery Show in Los Angeles on October 16!


Your favorite nickname: I have so many....my dad calls me Macaroni, my sisters call me Meggles...and my husband calls me Masha

Where were you born? San Jose, CA

Where do you live now? Soho, Manhattan

What’s your profession or calling? I help others build...

What’s a secret power that you have (that may surprise us!): I’m the most spirited in the room! I think it comes from my days in high school as a cheerleader.

What’s your go-to local zen spot? Santa Monica — I love the ocean and running on the beach.

What’s your most beloved travel destination? Paris! I ran the Paris Marathon last year...it was phenomenal.

Why is adventure important to you and what do you do to infuse that into your daily life? We’re in the business of new product discovery! Every day our team gets sent new product innovations from around the world. Adventure comes from learning about these brands and the inspirational entrepreneurs behind them.

What's your mantra for getting through challenges or tough times? Winning and learning, never losing

What's your go-to 'thing' to get unstuck? Jumping high and cheering at the gym, I realize if I physically get unstuck...my brain usually follows.

Follow Meghan’s adventures: @meghanasha and @foundermade.