On Fridays, we profile members of our community who artfully build the spirit of serendipity into their daily lives.

This week, meet Wendy Both. Wendy is an award-winning Reiki Master, medium, animal communicator and model. As you can imagine, no two days in her life are ever the same! Today, she tells us about her surprising 'superpower', love for travel and adventure, along with the gutsiest thing she's done to practice what she preaches.

Photo Credit: David Dobson

Photo Credit: David Dobson

Name: Wendy Both

Your favorite nickname: Baby

Where were you born? In a small town in the Netherlands called Vught.

Where do you live now? Westwood, Los Angeles.

What’s your profession or calling? Reiki Master, medium, animal communicator and fashion model.

What’s a secret power that you have (that may surprise us?) I wouldn’t call it a superpower, but it’s for sure something that surprises people. I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie and crave speed. It’s not all crystals, zen and meditation. ;)

I love fast cars, jumping out of airplanes, riding motocross, riding horses and anything that gets my adrenaline pumping. As a Reiki Practitioner and Animal Communicator, I’ve worked with animals such as tigers and wolves.

When I was 17 living in Miami as a model, I was offered to model for a bathing suit company while swimming with sharks alongside a shark wrangler. I was beyond thrilled — however, my mom was not so thrilled and booked a plane from the Netherlands to stop me!

As a kid, I wanted to be a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, a fighter pilot or a race car driver (much to my parents dismay). My love for cars started at a young age. I was fascinated while watching my dad drive, the way his feet moved around on the pedals and shifting gears trying to figure out how it all worked. My Indonesian grandfather was a part time driving instructor and he showed me some tricks. It wasn’t just the driving that got me excited as I had a fascination with the lines of the cars and the way the engines revved up. I was in my element when I started watching Formula One and Nascar Races on TV.

There’s a certain appeal and freedom to being in this ‘masculine’ space with control of my own destination, so to speak. To date, being behind the wheel of a car is still one of my favorite things to do; it’s like an active meditation for me.

What’s your go-to local zen spot? On the back of a horse through breath, posture and awareness, I experience a connection with the horse and the opportunity to become one with each other. It's amazing what a horse can do for your soul. I always feel peaceful, total harmony, and complete freedom.

What’s your most beloved travel destination? Tunisia, I’ve been there twice. The first time was for a modeling job, where I rode barefoot on this beautiful Arabian horse flying through the sand at max speed with the client and photographer trying to capture us riding alongside in a Jeep. The second time was for vacation, and I really got to enjoy the beautiful beaches, delicious food and people. I even did a little Reiki work on a camel.

I’m fascinated with the Arabic Language and can’t wait to go back and explore more of the country.

Why is adventure important to you, and what do you do to infuse that into your daily life? Traveling helps me expand my universe by introducing me to new cultures, unique lifestyles and it broadens my horizons. But, you can find adventure anywhere, anytime. I love touring in my car, with no destination in mind, seeing where the road takes me with a picnic basket in the trunk. I love seamlessly flowing from one adventure to another; it keeps things exciting. I have the chance to explore myself in so many different realms and from so many different angles.

What's your mantra for getting through challenges or tough times? “Everything will be okay, as soon as you are okay with everything and that’s the only time everything will be OK." This is from the book Untethered Soul.

What's your go-to 'thing' to get unstuck? This quote describes it perfectly: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” -Wayne Dyer

All of us always have choices. Your life is a product of choices. Choose you!!! If you can't change the circumstances, then change your perspective on it. If you can change your circumstances, then choose to do so.

How has Serenflipity played a role in your life? I had always wanted to jump out of an airplane, but extreme motion sickness and a fear of tiny airplanes (lack of control) kept me from doing so until I started the work as a Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Guide. If I was preaching to my clients to face their fears and saying that when it comes to limitations, that the only limit is the one you put onto yourself. I realized I had to practice what I preached. Jumping out of an airplane is one of the first things I did when starting my practice and one of the most amazing experiences I've had. Serenflipity reminds me to face those fears and to take actions big and small. 

What do you think about adventure potentially being the next meditation, and what could the benefits be? I see every adventure as an opportunity for growth, to get out of your comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with being in your comfort zone, unless you get too comfortable and start holding yourself back instead of challenging yourself to learn, grow and try new things and experience many adventures. For me, adventure is like an active meditation.

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