On Fridays, we profile members of our community who artfully build the spirit of serendipity into their daily lives.

This week, meet Venetia. A multi-talented powerhouse who just released her first electronic album GLO, this creative musician and writer was also one of the first 10 employees at Airbnb. There, she told video stories about the company's earliest hosts, traveling from Barcelona to Copenhagen to Istanbul to Hong Kong to Rio. No stranger to using her voice, she tells us more about how she lives her most expressive life.


Name: Venetia

Your favorite nickname: V

Where were you born? Schaumburg, IL

Where do you live now? San Francisco, CA

What’s your profession or calling? Musician & Writer

What’s a secret power that you have (that may surprise us?) My sensitivity. It helps me read people and understand situations quickly because I feel all the feels. Of course sometimes it causes me to uncontrollably sob for no reason but that's just par for the sensitive course.

What’s your go-to local zen spot? Golden Gate park, walking through the mighty trees.

What’s your most beloved travel destination? Greece!

Why is adventure important to you, and what do you do to infuse that into your daily life? The brain gets bored of doing the same thing all the time. It's full of chemicals that are just aching to ooze into that bloodstream of ours. When we have adventures we get all sorts of yummy feelings. Sure, sometimes adventures aren't always perfect, but often you find yourself achieving lots which makes you feel good. I like to take friends on full day surprise adventures where I just pick them up and then go from place to place I have chosen for a special day just for them.

What's your mantra for getting through challenges or tough times?  "We made it!". It's a gratitude practice that keeps things in perspective no matter how tough things get. My boyfriend and I say "We made it!" each morning when we wake up and night before bed. It's inspired by watching my aunt take her last breath on this planet after losing a battle with cancer. I couldn't believe how it happened. I realized there's either this "in" breath or "out" last breath and then, well, silence. That moment really changed me. So then I realized that just by breathing in and out I was alive each day and that was everything. Now I get excited when a whole day or night goes by and I've still made it. If you're reading this YOU MADE IT! Isn't that great?

What's your go-to 'thing' to get unstuck? Nature. I have a theory that nature has all the wisdom I ever need to know if I just watch, ask and sit with her. If I am stuck, I go for a walk, breathe and observe.

How has  Serenflipity played a role in your life? Serenflipity helps me with travel, adventure, empowerment, knowledge and the tools to live my boldest and most expressive life. In that way, Serenflipity always has something to teach me or encourage me with — and I am grateful for it.