Welcome to our Flip Fam blog series, where we interview members of our community who artfully build the spirit of adventure and serendipity into their everyday lives!

This week, we’ll meet Fern Olivia Langham of Venice, CA, Founder of Thyroid Yoga® and Ajai Alchemy, and gather inspiration around how to infuse adventure into the every day, plus her creative tips for getting unstuck from a creative rut.

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Your favorite nickname: ‘The Thyroid Whisperer’ - it’s my calling in life so I feel pretty blessed to have been donned with it!

Secret super-power (that may surprise us!):

Hmmm, it’s the secret power that we all possess - but I’d have to say my intuition! Every single day ‘freaky’ or ‘spooky’ things can happen that make me catch my breath. From getting hints on clients’ diagnoses, only to then get later confirmation through tests + results to thinking about a person and turning the corner only to bump into them. Life is magic! Small intuitive whims amongst the humdrum of everyday activities keep things zesty, that’s for sure.

Why is adventure important to you and what do you do to infuse that into your daily life?

I think for me, I apply adventure to my everyday life by saying yes. Yes to things that maybe I’m a little scared of...or where I don't know all of the outcomes. Yes to things that I may have absolutely no control over. But behind it all there’s a gut feeling, and a non-logical excitement, and I’ve come to trust that.

What's your mantra for getting through challenges or tough times? (And can you give us an example of how that's come to life for you?)

“What you hold back from life, life will hold back from you.”

If I shy away - quake in my boots - don’t face up to things / it / LIFE, then life will shy away from me, and will hold all back from me. I do truly believe that the Universe is an abundant, all-loving, all-giving force, and that love is at the core of everything.

What's your go-to 'thing' to get unstuck?

Moving energy helps me get unstuck. Dependent upon moment and mood, this might entail lying on my yoga mat, stretching and moving my limbs. Or for something more fiery I might put on a pumped-up playlist and throw my arms around in the air and dance. The physical movement of my body is a surefire way to blast away any blockages.

I also love sweating it out in the infrared sauna or booking a flotation pod session at Pause Float Studio. Becoming buoyant in 1000 pounds of magnesium salts and drifting into a deep meditative state has me emerging 60 minutes later feeling a completely different person.

Has Serenflipity played a role in your life? If you have any examples or stories to expand on, please share!

Serenflipity inspires me to keep travelling, to stay curious, and to fall even more in love with this world and all the beautiful humans in it.


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