Umm, I have questions...

When you say adventures... what's in store? 

Our adventures are designed to create more connection in your daily life. We have adventures for work, for relationships, to meet people, and to explore yourself. It could be as simple as complimenting five strangers today, to writing a handwritten thank you letter to colleagues — to even a nudge to take ten minutes out of your day to get a mini massage. 

Who's going to be texting me?

We're a team of real humans around the world who adore adventure — and love creating the perfect personalized experience for you. You can tell your Serenflipity Twin what you'd like to do, where you are in the world, how you're feeling and who you're with, and your Twin will dream up the perfect experience. They're smart and fun (if we do say so ourselves...) and can offer ideas, support and advice to help you with each challenge. 

Where do the adventures come from?

The adventures are based on our original Serenflipity cards which have been changing lives around the world. We also have a team of subject-matter experts (from play scientists, behavioral psychologists, start up CEOs, and tantric healers) on board to help create specific adventures. (Yep, we're fun at a dinner party!)  

What happens to all the information?

It's totally private. We'll never ever use your information for purposes other than to communicate with you directly. 

Does it really work?

Stories say it better than we ever could. Here are a few things happening in our community from these daily texts:

"I asked someone for the best piece of advice I got from an elder or parent, and what this person said was so good that I asked them to write it so I could put it in my mirror to see each morning."

"From doing the sexy adventures, my partner has been been discovering new parts of my body that I didn't even know were a turn on. It's changed our sex life in just a week. We can't wait for our challenge every morning."

"I used one of the adventures to tell my boyfriend that I loved him for the first time by creating a little scrapbook — it was so creative and fun, and totally the perfect way to say those big words." 

"I love getting these nudges — they're never annoying and my Twin gives me a ton of space when I need it. But she also knows exactly when to kick me in the ass to get out of my comfort zone." 

"My Twin got to know me and anticipate exactly what I needed. She would tailor my adventures based on what I told her was happening. I had a really stressful work week, so she simply gave me little things to do to boost my mood — I showed up to all my meetings differently and kicked butt, as a result." 

We challenge you to try it for a week! :) 

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